COVID-19 Protocols

On June 13, DC Health announced a heavily revised Guidance for Schools and Childcare Facilities which now emphasizes a recommended set of “everyday prevention measures” which are to be used as baseline standards regardless of COVID-19 community-level transmission. School for Friends will be following these everyday prevention measures in full, including requiring COVID vaccination for all eligible, as it is our practice to consistently apply DC Health recommendations for the health and safety of our children, faculty, and families. 

Please read the full list of everyday prevention measures here, which now constitute the core of our covid protocols, and continue reading for more specifics on COVID-19 vaccination for children under five as well as a significant update on our quarantine policy:

  • COVID-19 vaccination

  • Staying home when sick 

  • COVID-19 diagnostic testing 

  • Isolation (for symptomatic or COVID-19-positive people) 

  • Quarantine (for people exposed to COVID-19) 

  • Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette 

  • Optimizing indoor ventilation and air quality 

  • Cleaning and disinfection

Vaccination: School for Friends has consistently required COVID vaccinations for all eligible and we will continue to apply this requirement when children under five are eligible. Our full staff were required to be vaccinated when shots were made available and we required all adults entering the school to be vaccinated, and our five-year-old students were highly encouraged to be vaccinated when their age group was included in the eligibility bracket. Should vaccines be made available for children under five this summer, all School for Friends students will be required to be up to date on their COVID vaccinations by November 1, 2022. As an everyday prevention measure, adhering to this DC Health recommendation will help keep our preschool students safe and healthy. We will be in touch once vaccines are available with resources around where and how to receive vaccinations and how to submit proof of vaccination. 

Quarantine: Effective immediately, School for Friends will now include Test to Stay (TTS) as an option for children to stay in school when exposed to COVID and subject to close contact quarantine. DC Health’s recent announcement now directs us to follow CDC for guidance on quarantine specifics, rather than their own earlier guidelines. TTS is offered as “an alternative to traditional at-home quarantine for close contacts” in CDC’s Guidance For Schools and Childcare Programs. Per CDC’s description of TTS, students who have been deemed close contacts, have displayed no COVID symptoms, and have not tested positive, will be eligible to continually attend school through the use of TTS. TTS will include antigen testing (labeled with child name and date) each morning at home before attending school for five days following exposure, staying home if any symptoms develop, and properly wearing a mask indoors for five days. Should your child be a close contact, we will be in communication with your family to review your child’s timeline and our policy specifics. 

Weekly Antigen testing: We continue to require antigen tests on Mondays, submitted via the daily health tracker. Daily health tracker will continue to be submitted daily. 

Lastly, please note that the June 13 announcement did not alter masking policies and so our current mask policy remains unchanged. Masks will continue to be required indoors at all community transmission levels and optional outdoors during low and medium transmission levels. After November 1, 2022, when all children are fully vaccinated, we will revisit this policy.