Open House Sessions

All open houses start at 10:00 AM promptly. Please arrive ten minutes before the start time. There is limited parking available on site. We encourage you to use public transportation. Open house sessions are for adults only. 

You must sign up in advance to attend. 

 Below is the list of our open house dates:

Nov 15, 2022 10am – 11am (EST)-Virtual
Dec 14, 2022 10am – 11am (EST)-Virtual
Jan 11, 2023 10am – 11am (EST)-In Person
Jan 25, 2023 10am – 11am (EST)-In Person
Jan 31, 2023 10am – 11am (EST)-Virtual
Feb 7, 2023 10am – 11am (EST)-In Person
Feb 21, 2023 10am – 11am (EST)-In Person 

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