Friends Connection


School for Friends is a Quaker school that follows a conscious approach to instilling Quaker values in our children, contributing to a more just, compassionate society. The School is a member of the Friends Council on Education, a national Friends organization that advises and provides consulting services to Quaker schools. It has also joined with the seven other Friends Schools in the area to form the Mid-Atlantic Friends Schools of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Our Origin and History
  • The Board of Trustees business is conducted in the manner of Friends.
  • Our founders were neighborhood parents and members of Friends Meeting of Washington.
  • Half the members of the Board of Trustees that guide our school are Friends.
Our Connection with Friends Meeting of Washington
  • Friends Meeting of Washington nominates Members of the Meeting to the School for Friends Board of Trustees.
  • Our school has a spiritual connection with Friends Meeting of Washington through events promoting Quaker values, frequent interaction between parents and members, and parent attendance at Meeting for Worship.
  • School for Friends hosts an annual ‘simple meal’ event in order to celebrate our connection and thank Friends Meeting of Washington for their support.
Our Curriculum
  • For nearly 25 years, our curriculum has reflected the Quaker values of cooperation, equality, and nonviolence.
  • Our developmental program focuses on helping children respect others, solve problems together, resolve conflicts peacefully, think independently and make choices.
  • Our school community consciously reflects and supports our larger community, another important Quaker value-each classroom takes on a community service project each year.
  • Our community is diverse in terms of race/ethnicity, religion, nationality, family structure, and income level.
Our Teacher Training
  • School for Friends’ Teachers are valued resources whom we invest in through informal training on Quaker beliefs/values and formal training sessions organized by Friends Council on Education and Mid-Atlantic Friends Schools.
  • The Director maintains active links to other Friends schools.
Our Daily Moment of Silence
  • Twice a day, all our children as a group observe a moment of silence for 1 to 6 minutes. This stems from the silent Quaker Meeting for Worship, and brings the peace and reflection of that practice into the classroom.
  • Twice a month our older children from ages 3.5 to 5, observe a group meeting for worship for 15-20 minutes followed by a meaningful story and sharing time on a theme that mirrors Quaker values.