Emergency Closures

Anything that makes the buildings uninhabitable constitutes a reason for an emergency closing, including but not limited to utility failure, fire, natural or man-made disaster, unsafe indoor temperatures or any other dangerous environmental condition.

Parents will be notified by telephone and Brightwheel message for a same-day closure and by email and phone for a long term closure.

A report will be sent to the Office of the State Superintendent of Education through an unusual incident report (UIR) from the Head of School or their designee.For details please see the Parent sand Staff Policies and Procedures Handbook


On snowy days, the school follows the closing policy of the DC Public Schools. If DCPS is already closed. The School will close if the Federal Government closes for snow. In addition, the School reserves the right to open late or close in order to comply with the adult-child ratio set forth by OSSE.If the Federal Government or DCPS closes during the day due to snow, the school will contact all parents to notify them. Parents are to pick up children as soon as possible.


Procedures outlined in the parent handbook will be put into place in the event of an emergency.