Placement after SFF


Our children go on (as, alas, they all must) to all the various independent, public, and public charter schools in the area. In the fall of 2016, 56% of our children moved to public schools, 22% to independent schools, and 22% to public charter schools.

Each October, the school sponsors an event at which parents whose children have left the school speak about the schools (public, charter, & independent) their children are attending now. This helps current families make decisions about where to seek enrollment for their children.

The Head of School and teachers are available to talk with parents about their child’s strengths and what might be a good fit for their child after School for Friends. Sometimes this can be accomplished at the fall parent/teacher conference.

Teachers fill out recommendations to independent schools each winter. Families are asked to submit the forms by December 31 in order for the teachers to meet the various school deadlines.