Annual Fund

Fund for Friends Annual Giving Campaign

Help us reach our goal by making a gift to the Fund for Friends campaign. This year’s goal is $60,000 which raises money to serve the school community. Your contributions to the Fund for Friends enable us to:

  • Support career development opportunities for our highly dedicated teachers
  • Provide financial aid to deserving students in support of our commitment to diversity (SFF devotes  up 8% of our annual budget to financial aid)
  • Maintain affordable tuition rates while offering the highest quality program for our children (for each student, approximately $1,500 of the cost of their education is not covered by the tuition)
  • Secure the school’s future by supplementing the operating fund to provide additional unrestricted monies for improvements.

The Fund for Friends campaign closes May 1st. Tax deductible contributions to the annual giving campaign can be made by cash, check, pledge, or online.  Stocks and mutual fund shares are gratefully accepted and not only allow a tax-deduction but eliminate capital gains. If you have any questions regarding the Fund for Friends campaign, please call  Alison Auerbach,  Interim Head of school, at 202-986-8767, or contact her by email.