August 2017



Monarch Butterfly Newsletter

It’s hard to believe that it is August and we only have a couple of weeks left together in the Butterfly Room. It has been wonderful watching all of the children grow througho
ut the year. Getting to know each child is truly a gift, and here are some things that we will always remember about each of them.

Emil: His love for soccer (# 7- Ronaldo) and his detailed ideas when playing with materials in the classroom.

Emma: Her constant singing in the classroom and her motherly attitude when playing with friends.

Eojeni: Her speedy legs and her funny personality. We will also miss her versatility; she does not limit herself to one activity.

Hank: His silliness, love for trains, and his complex train tracks.

Hugo: His sensitivity when a friend is hurt; he is amongst one of the children who will try to make a friend feel better.

Khyrie: her strong will and loving attitude towards her friends and teachers.

Leah: Her constant singing of frozen songs and her love for playing in playhouse collecting toys in her purse.

Lucy: Her detailed stories about things she has done or will do. We will also miss her helpfulness in the classroom, setting the table for snack and cleaning the table after snack.

Mark: His curiosity and willingness to solve a social problem for his friends.

Rumi: Her motherly conversations and her need to keep friends safe from harm.

Sadie: Her strong will and her constant singing of Moana songs while she runs around on the playground.

Tori: Her love for magnet-tiles and her  interactions with her peers, like they were her siblings. We will also miss how she referred to her brothers as “the boys”.

Vivi: Her silliness and shyness mixed together creating a very funny individual.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s first years of education. We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and we look forward to seeing the returning families in the fall. For the families who will not return, we wish you the best in your future.


Red Panda Newsletter

We have seen such growth this year with the Red Pandas. Each child has grown physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially. It has been a pleasure watching the children grown and learn and to see them solve problems on their own. We have truly loved getting to know each child individually. Here are some aspects or qualities that we love about the Red Pandas.

Theo- His curiosity about different activities or things related to fire trucks, ambulances, or any type of vehicle.

Jasmine- Her love for water play. She knows all of her friends and is empathic.

Mo- We have enjoyed all of his affection such as his awesome hugs and kisses. He is a good friend.

Damian- He loves to play outside on the playground. He enjoys playing outside with Finn as well.

Prescott- He is very silly and sweet. He gives warm hugs and enjoys his friends’ company.

Izzy- Her love for animals and always her willingness to help with Cupcake.

Milena- She is a helpful friend and always helps Magy put the chairs down in the mornings.

Ellie- Always has lots of interesting stories to tell us and always eager to learn.

Max- His love for cooking in playhouse and always singing.

Chloe Bella- Always loves helping her teachers and friends and is very polite and considerate.

Ava- Her willingness to always help her friends and initiate different games to play on the playground.

Maya- Always there to comfort others and make sure her friends are ok. She loved helping with Cupcake throughout the year.

As the school year comes to an end, the Red Panda classroom would like to thank all of the great parents for their support and for trusting us to take care of your child. It has been a pleasure getting to know each individual child. They have grown so much since the beginning of the school year and are very independent now. For the families who will be going to different schools in the fall, we hope that you come back and visit us! Thank you again for a great year in the Red Panda classroom!



Turtle Room

As the school year comes to an end, the Turtle Room would like to thank all of the wonderful parents for being so supportive and helping us have such a fantastic year. We’ve loved watching and helping the children develop into curious, creative, and talkative three year olds. To close out the school year, we would like to share a few special memories we will always cherish about each child.

• Noelle- She jumped right into our class, even though she started a little late! Always dressing up and playing pretend, assigning roles to others, such as “you’re the mommy, I’m the daddy, this is the baby”. Noelle is never at a loss for words and we will truly miss her.

• Xavi- He was our energizer bunny! Always willing to help – both the teachers and his fellow classmates. Xavi loved playing music and we will always remember his athletic prowess!

• Andrew- He will be remembered for his silliness and love for making others laugh! Andrew was our class comedian and resident break dancer. He could often be found pretending to be a robot, speeding around the playground, or chanting, “let’s go Nats!”, which we loved!

• Logan- He was our train enthusiast! Logan loved everything about trains (playing pretend, metro maps, toy trains) and we will always have fond memories of that! He also had a love for the water table that often left him with soaking wet clothes, but with a big smile on his face.

• Kendra- She was always so welcoming to her classmates! She loved giving and receiving hugs and was usually the first one to greet people when they would come in each morning. We will never forget her awesome dance moves, especially when she incorporated toy animals into her dancing!

• Arden- Arden was quite the fashionista! She always had fun clothes with cats on them and loved to show her outfits to us. We have many memories of Arden in the sandbox/playing with playdough and we will miss her sweet smile.

• Tegan- We will always remember Tegan’s eagerness to play pretend and dress-up with her classmates! She was the first to join in on running games outside, as well as play with TheraPutty in the classroom. We have many memories of Tegan and Noelle singing, “Let it Go” from “Frozen”!

• Lena- Lena’s easygoing and relaxed nature were so loved in our class this year. She could always be found reading books out loud, either to herself or others, with such passion! And don’t let her quiet nature fool you, she would often belt out songs during our “performances”!

• Yona- His love for trucks, buses, and things that go was undeniable! He was always the first one to point out an ambulance or fire truck going by. He also loved jumping around and dancing and we can’t wait to see how he continues to grow and develop!

• Maddy- Although she is no longer at School for Friends, we had to include Maddy! She was so smiley and happy and her fondness for baby dolls showed just how much she loves taking care of others.

• Gabo- This year Gabo developed a love for nature and especially worms! He could always be found looking (usually successfully!) for worms and bugs on the playground. We also have many memories of Gabo coloring with markers for at least thirty minutes, proudly showing us his work.

• Miranda- Miranda is the Mets’ number one fan! We loved playing indoor baseball with her family, and will always remember the song Alia sang to us, with Miranda accompanying her on her own guitar!

Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of your child’s first years of education. We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and we look forward to seeing the returning families in the fall. For the families who will not return, we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.



Eagles Newsletter: August 2017

As the summer comes to an end as well as the school year, the Eagles have enjoyed spending time with one another by gaining new experiences, developing a sense of friendship/community, and learning. Many of our friends will venture off to new schools and School for Friends will miss them. To the families who are leaving, and even those who are staying, School for Friends is home and we are all family. In this newsletter, it is only appropriate that we share attributes/qualities/thoughts about our Eagles.

Addison: A leader, charismatic, loves to laugh/smile, an artist, and curious

Xander: Friendly, energetic, loves to laugh/smile, compassionate toward friends, a student of nature especially insects and bugs

Nina: Advocate for herself, a builder, caring, loves to laugh/smile

Julian: Helpful, Lego Master, loves to laugh/smile, friend to many, loves to joke

Nora: Creative, imaginative, director of play, bright, loves to laugh/smile

Finn: Car enthusiast, happy, resilient, loves to laugh/smile

Adam: Engineer, feeler, funny, succinct, loves to laugh/smile

Serge: Lover of books, astronaut in the making, inquisitive, loves to laugh/smile

Ramsey: Loves trains, full of information/stories, loves to laugh/smile, appreciates construction

Andre: Energetic, helpful, loves his friends, creative with art, loves to laugh/smile

Teddy: Ready to assist, questioning, loves to laugh/smile, appreciates books, conversationalist

It was a truly wonderful school year. Thank you to all the families for making this possible. We wish everyone the best.

The Eagles Team

Thank you for your time and dedication.

The  Eagle team



Sea Lion August 2017 Newsletter

As the school year comes to a close, the Sea Lion teachers reflect on our amazing experience together with the children. Thank you for entrusting your children in our care.  We are extremely grateful to be a part of their early learning experience.  We also appreciated the support that was given to us throughout this year.  During the year we had fond memories that we will always remember about the 2016-2017 class.

Ayan: His internal drum and never ending energy

Akil: His excellent memory and silly jokes

Lily: Her sweet personality and creativity

Raoul: His love of dinosaurs and playfulness

Adrian: His wealth of random trivia and sense of fairness

Ella: Her nurturing spirit and memorable dance moves

Quinn: Her helpfulness and organizational skills

Ikenna: His enthusiastic reading and caring for others

Ravi: His unique sense of humor and ability to mimic sirens  

Jackson: His negotiating skills and team mentality

Ferrán: His social and charismatic ways

Aryo: His thorough explanations and thoughtfulness

Elli: Her empathy and worldly wisdom

We wish all of the Sea Lions families the best of luck as the children transition to the Tiger classroom or Pre-K!!!


Sea Lion Team


Hello Tiger Families,

As the school year comes to an end, we have been reflecting on our shared experiences in the Tiger classroom during the past year. The children talked about activities and games they enjoyed, books and drama they loved, and friendships they have made. Many of the children talked about their individual growth as they looked back to the beginning of the school year. Just like their body grew over the past months so did their abilities, understanding of themselves and others.
The children could relate really well to analogy of the hermit crab, which outgrew his shell in Eric Carle’s book “The Hermit Crab”, and went to look for a larger shell to live in.
After talking a lot about their journey and transition to their new shell (school), the children turned their attention to the new hermit crabs (Butterfly and Sea Lion children), who will be moving into the “Tiger-shell”. Here is some of the very mindful and heartfelt advice they had for them:

OLIVER V.- “You can do everything. I liked the block area and play house. The block area can have four people and the play house can have three people. My advice is to be nice to other people.”

OSCAR- “In the Tiger classroom, you need to have good manners at the table. Take turns by asking people how many minutes. Play nicely with your friends.”

ETHAN- “You have to be careful with the words that you are saying. You should check on them if you use mean words. I love the loft and you can play quietly with another friend.”

ARIA- “I like to play in the play house. You can dress up, make food and iron stuff.  You can make new friends and ask them, “Do you want to be my friend?’

MIMI- “You can be nice to other kids and play outside games with them like hide and seek. I like playing outside on the climber and off the climber.”

FINN- “You can play nicely and you can have fun. At Moment of Silence, you should be quiet. You can play in the loft with stuffed animals, pillows and body socks.”

ELLY- “Be friendly. If someone is being unfriendly, you can tell the teacher. If someone does something to you that you don’t like, you don’t do it back.”

HENRY- “You should play in the loft because it’s a lot of fun. Don’t push your friends, and ask how many minutes when you want a turn. The best thing about being a Tiger kid is that you get to play!”

MATEO- “You should know the rules and if you don’t, you should ask the teacher. I like playing the dragon game on the playground climber. Everyone can play that game together. You should know to play and not rough play.

The Tiger Teachers